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Who is Andrea Lifestyle?


Andrea Lifestyle

Hi everyone, my name is Andrea Camilleri, founder of AndreaLifestyle.com, and one of the main reasons I haven't used my actual name, is because I want to share with you, how my lifestyle has changed within a short period of time.

I was born in 1992, and I come all the way from Malta (Europe). I was brought up in a loving family, who I am truly grateful for. My father's profession is that of a family doctor and my mother is an ex-teacher. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to experience various lessons which helped my character to become what it is today, like most of you who are reading this story.

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One of my peak life changing moments, was when I graduated and came to a point where I wasn’t able to utilize my college degree at a place of work. That is where I realized that all the time spent at school, which was over a period of 15 years, and even when I graduated, I wasn’t financially stable, but instead I was limited with a salary of €700 / $780 each month. That is when I told to myself that enough is enough. Most probably if you are reading this, you could have also experienced the same story.

My goal is to inspire 10,000 thousand people in the Next 2 years especially if they are millennials and/or still in their 20’s to understand that nowadays, things in the 21st Century are taking a different direction, especially with the downside of the economy from a global point of view.

I am here to Impact Young People's lives in starting from nothing, like I did, to start building up a business, and see them grow until they manage to earn a lifestyle which could not have been earned by simply working in a job.

dream destinations

What happened in the Last 17 months? (P.S. To start it was hard)

  • Went on 9 vacations
  • Created an online brand
  • Started Inspiring people from a few countries mainly in Europe, USA and Africa
  • Launched my First Digital Product
  • Became a network marketer 

Now I just want to let you know, that just a few years ago, I would never have imagined my life to turn out to be like this, with all of these new accomplishments. This can be your life as well.


  • You are sick of switching from one job to another to find something better
  • You have more month than month left for you to use after deducting your expenses
  • You always end up having not enough cash to pay the nice things you want to have in life
  • You want to become your own boss and live your life on your own terms
  • You dream of spending money without the need to check your bank account balance for every purchase

If you even have solved one or all of the issues above, wouldn't your life be better? Think about it.

I used to live a Life where I didn’t know where I was going, even though I simply had just a job and for that moment I was comfortable with the salary I was earning even though it was minimum wage of €700 / $750. It was a different learning experience, but after a while I started to switch from job to job (4 Jobs in 1 Year) as I was trying to look for something better as my wage wasn't enough and I didn’t seem to find a better way...

graduation celebrations

Many people nowadays are continuously searching for something better. Once their lifestyle reaches a limit in finance, they will become frustrated which as a result they start wishing for something better. Maybe that person is you as well.

It was more like I was going in the same circle of life all over again. My self confidence was shattered down, my self-esteem was flat and my future was still a question mark...even though I earned DEGREE at College!! Maybe you have also been in the same situation recently or you are experiencing it now.

"If you want a Change in your Life, than you have to Change!"

If you have understood one of the messages I am trying to send in my story above, is that throughout this journey, I have realized that Life is all about Choices. Your past doesn't have to determine your future, instead you have to treat it as a lesson and keep on learning new things. When I first got started in the network marketing industry, I realized that in my hand I was holding a tennis ball, and my friend who has introduced me to this industry, he had a football in his hands…

…and so I said that if I wanted to have the same ball which he was holding…I had to LET GO of my tennis ball in order to grasp the same type of ball which he had…and so by this, my message is that I had to sacrifice a few things and take decisions in order to CHANGE.

Everything which seems to be new tends to be tough at first, but it doesn’t have to be scary enough, to keep you from committing yourself to make a decision and commit on a plan of action.

Turning Point of my Life

After going broke and coming to the situation where I didn’t know what to do next for my future, 3 things happened which have flipped my switch...

  • I found Network Marketing
  • I started to Invest in my Education both Financially and Self-development
  • I realised that I didn’t want to spend my Life working from 9-5am from the AGE of 21 till 65

My Start in Network Marketing

Would you ever think that my journey into this new venture kicked off immediately? It didn’t happen to be that way, as I thought that it would. I was searching all throughout the internet and asking people what was the Secret Sauce for them getting results in their venture, and yet I was still getting the same answers all the time. I was asking questions like…

  • What happens in reality after that your warm market is almost finished?
  • How would you use the internet in this venture in order to get leads outside of your country?
  • What did you do when most young people give the excuse of being broke with time and money when in reality they prefer spending their money in other commodities to be accepted by society?
  • I graduated from school and got my certificates. I don’t wish to spend the next 40 years of my life working for someone else. Now what?
  • I’ve had enough spending money on this business without getting anything back financially. Is there a shortcut for success?

My only guess, is that if you are on my blog, most probably you are still trying to find an answer to any of these questions…

inspiring success stories

What is the Secret Sauce?

At first, it appeared to me as if it was something complicated and in reality, it was very simple, but not easy. I wasn’t driven and confident enough because of my burnt warm market, which later I realised is that we are all the time surrounded by opportunities, and not every person out there shares the same opinion. What's the secret? I wasn’t being affected anymore by the fear of rejection especially with new people.

A book which has changed my life out of many personal development books which I read, and that I suggest that you read it starting from today, is…

“How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie”

This book is making my life much easier, and I still thank the author and the guy who shared with me this book until today. I started to get phone numbers faster than I could have ever imagined, and rejection from people has built up my posture and helped me to attract the right eagles for this business. What I lacked in talent, I started to put in the hard work to develop the skills you need in this business.

You can do it as well. But the question is, are you ready to become a committed entrepreneur?!

I'm also still a student of this business model (as you should always be) and my story is far from over.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur nowadays, but not every entrepreneur will have the same attitude or will be earning the same level of income…and the main reason is commitment and persistency. There is no existing time frame, which says by this date you will not have any more problems with time and money, but…

successful stories business

What if…..you set a number of realistic goals, and say that by the end of next year, You will reach this level of income, or by the next 6 months You will take your family on a trip of a Lifetime all paid by your efforts…just because You CAN. Goal setting is important, and that is why it has to be combined with commitment.

"Listen to People Who Have What You Want"

The beauty of this business is that you can connect with hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world, and you have also the opportunity to listen to the people who are actually living the dream in this industry. I want you to receive the right information, from my experience so that you can avoid most of the pitfalls which I and many other people went through already.

You have to come to a point, where you decide to listen from people who are either living a lifestyle which you want to have, or you either decide to listen to people who are living on the edge, and basically don’t have the experience or the life which you want to have.

Our Life is Created with the Choices that we Make

You can make the choice to lock arms together and allow me to guide you through a Life Changing Journey, if you show me that you are serious enough to take your life to the next level, and become a Top Earner.

Know that you have Greatness Inside Of You, like any person in this world.

"You don’t have to be Great to Get Started, but you have to Get Started in order to be GREAT"

It is our greatest satisfaction to help you out in any way possible via this blog, events and webinars and we look forward to connect with you!

There are many ways how we can connect, but maybe you might want to check my blog first to get a clear picture if I am the ideal trainer and coach for you to help you start this venture. I trust that you are smart with your choice, and my final message to you is to always believe in yourself and understand that you have the chance to create a life of happiness and success, no matter what your past was or your current circumstances.

Gordon Attard

"Andrea always looks to help others and grasps every opportunity by giving 150% of effort and sweat equity towards the task or objective needed. In the last year or so that I've been mentoring him, I've seen him grow extensively as he committed to sharpen new 21st century skills such as Social Media, Networking & Blogging. Andrea is polite & humble young man that makes it a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him!"

Gordon AttardHome Business Entrepreneur & Social Media Marketer

Eamonn O Brien

"Andrea is a great person with a real passion for what he does. He is self-motivated in business and loves helping people to make a living living."

Eamonn O Brien, Successful Entrepreneur and International Trainer



George Alogariastos

"The words that i can say for Andrea in order to describe him is that when you take a look on his eyes, you feel the passion about living a great life...a life full of fun and a life with a lot of adventure. Keep being this happy person my friend! Happy people bring more happiness to this world."

George AlogariastosInternational Speaker and Professional Network Marketer


Pums MJ

"I really think Andrea is a very unique young man who is always willing to help others and make sure they feel good about themselves. I've know this young and well driven successful entrepreneur for about a year and some months it's incredible feeling to be around such a great leader such as Andrea he doesn't just inspire me but he inspires so many people I'm blessed to call him my friend and business partner."

Pums MJProfessional Young Entrepreneur & Global Traveller


Markella Alexiou

"Andrea is one of the most committed and persistent individuals I know. His passion is remarkable and his determination is outstanding."


Markella AlexiouInternational Speaker and Professional Tourist


Akokk Ims

“Andrea is one of a kind traveller, one who travels in style, knows how to have fun while being at work, able to turn exiting holidays into lucrative business. He is a successful entrepreneur at just a young age, and I am blessed to know him.”

Akok Ims - Professional Business Trainer and Entrepreneur


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