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A lot of people ask me on how to create team momentum in network marketing and the truth is, most of us tend to halt our performance because we hit a plateau.

Therefore if you are someone who wants to get more results and put more fire into your team, keep reading the below.

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Learn how to create team momentum in network marketing

Time is Power

Each and every time a new person decides to partner up with you in your network marketing company, make sure to Set Up 10 appointments with your new business partner within 2 – 7 days. The reason why I say this because its in our human nature that every time we decide to start something new in our lives, we get to have a high level of excitement. There are 2 reasons why there would be so much excitement, being

  • Curiosity on what’s about to happen
  • The experience which we will get which at the end we hope that this will give us more value to our lives

Making the best use of this excitement will help speed up the process of going through more people, building team momentum and also increase the rates of success and eventually repeat it consistently.

team momentum

According to Ray Higdon, The best results would come within 14 days for offline prospecting and 30 days for online prospecting. The main reason why there is a longer time gap with prospecting over the internet is because of the unlimited amount of distractions, product pitches from other people and also a lower level of trust as its not being done belly to belly.


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